A duck and a cuckoo from episode eleven of Joshiraku.


You don’t need to attempt kanji for a memorable tattoo. A weak grasp of English is sufficient.


An entertaining historical document is online: That Party at Lenny’s.


Welcome to Crossover Hell. A related horror: another approach to Touhou Ponies.

I wonder: how does the world of Bronies compare with the Touhou universe?


So salt and sugar are unnatural?


Jinrui wa Suitai Shamashita was perhaps the best show of the summer. I did a little searching to see if Romeo Tanaka’s novels have been translated yet. As far as I can tell, there’s only one chapter available in English.


(Bumper sticker courtesy of Borepatch.)

Last and least, some political notes. Although I am a member of the Wet Blanket Movement, I do have some interest in the Fringe Party. For those who believe that all people should have the right to vote, not just the living and the residents of Chicago cemeteries, Dr. Boli has yard signs you can download and print.


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  1. “So salt and sugar are unnatural?”

    Sure. The big bang only produced hydrogen and helium. So every heavier element is the product of a nuclear reactor, and salt and sugar have heavier elements in them.

    You wouldn’t eat something that came out of a nuclear reactor, would you?