Days out of the Count

This is the successor to Mixolydian Mode. Expect more of the same, including the same slow tempo, for the next few months. After that, there may be some changes. Or maybe not.

I’ve got the main blogroll up. I’ll add additional links and other curiosities in coming weeks. I probably won’t be able to import the content from my old weblog, but I will see if I can at least copy all the midi files over to my new host before I cancel the old account. I spent a ridiculous amount time on them over the years, and I don’t want them to disappear without a trace.

Iin case you’re wondering, the titles of this weblog and this post are stolen from an R.A. Lafferty story. It’s included in the collection Ringing Changes, long out of print but worth tracking down.


(I suppose I ought to say “Irrashaimase,” but I speak English.) This weblog is the successor to beware the kawaii, and I’ll continue to write about anime and related subjects here. When I’m more comfortable with WordPress I’ll play around with the formatting, but for now this theme (“Barthelme”) is satisfactory.

I’ve got the Askimet and Bad Behavior 2 plugins activated. Let’s see if I get any spam comments. (Let’s see if I get any comments.) I would appreciate it if someone would try out the comment process. If there are problems, I’d rather find out sooner than later. If you can’t leave a comment, please write me at tancos at tancos dot net. Thank you.

Update: I am informed that the first theme didn’t work on smaller monitors, so I changed to a narrower one.


I see that this video is making the rounds again:

It’s being called one of the “Worst Recruitings Ads Ever”. I’m not so sure of that. To macho American eyes, the dancing sailors look ridiculous. However, these ads are for a Japanese audience, to whom military defense and entertainment apparently are a natural combination, if anime is any evidence. Sakura Wars, for instance, combines steampunk mecha with Takarazuka musicals, and in Idol Defense Force Hummingbird, the air force is a branch of the music industry. In this context, this commercial makes perfect sense.