Orchid Show, November 3-4, 2018 V

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Stelis tarantula

Pleurothallids and the rest.

When WordPress resizes a photo to fit in a column, it usually mutes the colors just enough to annoy me. To see a picture with the colors I intended, click on it to engage the gallery software. To see it full-size as I uploaded it, right-click it and open in a new window.

Masdevallia kuhniorum
Pleurothallis (Acianthera) scalpricaulus 3
Pleurothallis (Acianthera) ochreata 3
Stelis quadrifida
Pleurothallis (Acianthera) ochreata 2
Pleurothallis (Lindleyalis) hemirhoda 2
Pleurothallis (Acianthera) scalpricaulus 2
Pleurothallis (Lindleyalis) hemirhoda
Pleurothallis (Acianthera) ochreata 1
Pleurothallis (Acianthera) scalpricaulus 1
Restrepia mohrii
Restrepia striata
Habenaria Angel Bone
Habenaria rhodocheila 1
Habenaria rhodocheila 2
Habenaria carnea
Cymbidium Chen’s Ruby “Gold Tiger”
Cycnoches Martha Clarke 1
Cycnoches Martha Clarke 2
Rhomboda petelottii
Lycaste cruenta “Walnut Valley” 1
Lycaste cruenta “Walnut Valley” 2
Mormolyca (Maxillaria) richii
Oberonia prainiana 1
Oberonia prainiana 2
Paphinia Wild Thing 1
Paphinia Wild Thing 2
Clay flowers 1
Clay flowers 2
Overview. Right-click and open in a new window to see at full size.
Another view of the show