Southwestern College greenhouse II

Greenhouse at Southwestern College, Winfield, Kansas If you look carefully, you can spot a Hoya and some Tillandsia and Saintpaulia, but the vast majority of the plants here various kinds of orchids. It’s best viewed in “fullscreen.” If that doesn’t work, here’s Flickr.


125 shiny little magnets. Click to embiggen, as usual. Cross your eyes until you see three images, then focus on the middle image.

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At six months

The cactus and stapeliad seedlings are half a year old now. These pictures are all stacked focus, with from 26 to 92 images in each stack assembled in Helicon Focus. They are all much enlarged. The Gymnocalycium above is the largest of the cacti; it’s … Continue readingAt six months

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Fun with layers

Experimenting with “Orton” photography. Essentially, you work with two layers, one sharp and one blurred, and blend them together to get a surrealistic effect. Some images work better than others.

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