Vintage port

Congratulations to Robbo on fifteen years of The Port Stands at Your Elbow. You might want to put another bottle of fortified wine aside for November, when he will celebrate a full twenty years of blogging at TPSaYE and earlier at The LLama Butchers. A year ago I linked to a couple of his whimsical LLB pieces, well worth reading like most everything else at all his websites.

Congratulations to Robbo also with his success with the cup plant, Silphium perfoliatum, a nine-foot-plus relative of the sunflower. I’d like to grow it myself in the arid reaches of my backyard, but it prefers more water than I can conveniently give it.1


  1. Instead, I’m trying S. laciniatum, the compass plant, which gets nearly as tall (the specimen at the local community college is seven feet tall) and can take dry conditions. The seeds germinate easily after stratification, but it’s not a fast grower. It may be several years before it reaches full size.

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