Horribly Good

An album I recorded at home during 2002-2004, using a computer sequencer and a variety of software synthesizers.

Catch That Orangutan (McClane) — A scene from an imaginary movie.

Horribly Good (Munro/McClane) — The text is from the short story “The Storyteller” by Hector Hugh Munro (“Saki”).

The High Crusade (Traditional) — Music for the good movie that hasn’t yet been made of Poul Anderson’s novel of space travel in the 14th century, using melodies from the 13th and 15th centuries.

The Royal Nonesuch (Traditional) — A brutal arrangement of the most annoying dance tune ever notated.

Scotland the Brave (Traditional) — Which are worse, bagpipes or synthesizers? All the sounds except the percussion are the Pro-53, an emulation of the Sequential Circuits’ Prophet 5.

The Gravel Walk (Traditional) — A tune that was once Irish.

New Riggit Ship (Traditional) — From the Shetland Islands.

Wired Maggie (Traditional) — “Drowsy Maggie” after too much caffeine.

Cherokee Star (Cherokee Shuffle/Eagle Dance for Victory) (Traditional) — If there are space cowboys, then there must also be space Indians. A paleface fiddle tune followed by a Cherokee dance melody.

Boomer Flats (McClane) — There isn’t exactly any place called “Boomer Flats” in Oklahoma, but you can find Crayola Catfish there.

Allegro Mooso (McClane) — Moose music: fun with the whole-tone scale and odd meters.

Twelve Toes (McClane) — Dodecaphony for beginners.

The Flying Moose (McClane) — More moose music

Radio-Ready Trousers (McClane) — Approaching the punk aesthetic from the other side; music so intellectual it’s stupid.

Far from Kechi (McClane) — Originally intended to be part of the Armadillo project, but the tune had other ideas.

Threnody (McClane) — Another Armadillo reject.

Armadillo! (McClane) — A progressive rock concept album in six minutes. The movements are The Armadillos of Eden; Medical Experimental Laboratory; Escape; Steal the Starship; Armadillos in Space; Attack of the Space Wombats; Triumphant Return.

Thidwick’s Departure (McClane) — And more moose music.

Billy and the Monsters (McClane) — Are your children cheerful? Do they sleep well at night? Maybe it’s time for a little nightmare.

Purist Advisory: This CD contains historically uninformed performances of Medieval, Renaissance and Celtic music.

Download this album as a zip file.