Devil Hunter Yohko: The Complete Collection, Vol. 1

When she’s about to turn sixteen, Yohko learns that her destiny is to be the 108th devil hunter in her family, succeeding her grandmother. However, she must remain chaste until she comes into her power on her birthday. Of course the forces of evil tempt her to lose her virginity prematurely, and they very nearly succeed. Yohko subsequently acquires a manager and a sidekick as she battles more evil spirits.
The first episode of Devil Hunter Yohko is one step from hentai and I do not recommend it at all. The two following episodes are much less offensive. They are a sort of comic mahou shoujo version of Vampire Princess Miyu and are mildly entertaining, but not enough so to compensate for the first episode. While they are nowhere near as pornographic as the first episode, nevertheless in battle Yohko’s costume is often slashed in curious ways.
If you want a magical girl comedy, watch Jubei-Chan; if you want a creepy story, watch Miyu. If it’s fan service you’re after, there are many better sources. Don’t waste your time on Yohko.
It’s a shame that the series’ creators focused on the adolescent Yohko. Her motorcycle-riding grandmother reminds me of Pansy Yokum, and a series based on her could have been fun.