Original Dirty Pair (OVA)

When the World Welfare & Works Association needs a difficult job done, it sends Kei and Yuri, the nineteen-year-old “Lovely Angels.” And whatever it is — stopping a deadly robot, or recapturing a military base that’s been invaded by youngsters wanting to play with real weapons — they do indeed get the job done. Sometimes there’s some minor collateral damage — a city accidentally gets destroyed, say — but, hey, it’s never their fault. Not everybody understands that, however, so the two trouble consultants have acquired the unfair sobriquet of “Dirty Pair.”
Intellectual fare this late 1980’s series ain’t, but it is fun. Sometimes the girls need to solve a mystery. At other times the emphasis is on action leavened with humor, sometimes with a satirical edge. Overall the tone is light, but occasionally it turns quite dark, particularly in the “Red Eyes Are the Sign of Hell” episode, in which the girls observe the handiwork of an evil arms dealer. The writing is often inventive; for instance, the setting for one episode is a prison located on a cool spot on the surface of a red star, and Kei and Yuri approach the prison by surfing on the surface of the star (they wear more than their basic uniform for that).
The girls’ implausibly minimal uniforms provides constant mild fan service, but what they do wear stays on, and there is very little that’s off-color. There is a good deal of violence, which renders it unsuitable for children.
By all accounts, Dirty Pair Flash is inferior to the original Kei and Yuri, and it is not on my to-see list.