Allan smashed the ping-pong ball into the net so hard that it burst through the net….

The ball went from being a simple bouncing ball to a bouncing ball that exploded into the sky.

We could see the bouncing star and its ball of light that seemed to follow its path.

It was an incredible sight, and the best thing I did was get myself in the back corner. Then we could film our friends and family watching.

If I had been on the phone with my wife, she would have called me at home to tell me exactly what just happened.

At the end of everything, this world gave us the opportunity to experience being an astronaut on board the Space Shuttle. I couldn’t have been more grateful for the opportunity and thankful to every single human being that saved our world. That we are able to share the story of the space shuttle crew, one of the world’s most successful and innovative organizations, with you, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the launch of the first Shuttle Space Shuttle program, is a truly wonderful thing. Thank you to our crew of astronauts and their families, who did so much for our country.

And now, I can say this: I will return to the shuttle. You were the only ones that would miss me there. If we ever return, we have to go through them all again.

* * *

Um, okay. Let’s try it again, this time with armadillos:

Seven lonely armadillos set out for Los Angeles at about 9 p.m. on Thursday, according to the LAPD.

Amber Smith, 39, of Los Angeles, was arrested in Los Angeles, and the animals are charged as domestic animals pursuant to California Penal Code Section 622.

“Amber Smith was arrested after it was determined that she had entered the Los Angeles area to visit family,” the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Special Investigations Unit said. “According to a law enforcement source, she was in San Francisco at the time of the attack. Because Amber was traveling with the group, she was not wearing a person on her left shoulder in Los Angeles.”

Detectives from the Major Crimes Unit worked with multiple agencies, including the U.S. Marshals Service, to apprehend the animals.

As of Thursday morning, there were eight armadillos, three tortoises and two rabbits who have been turned over to the animal control agency for release, according to the release. No other animals were being kept in the custody of the authorities as of this writing.

LAPD Sgt. Chris Wilken of Major Crimes said the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Animal Care and Control Office was notified about the attack at around 9 p.m. Thursday.

“They began to investigate and discovered that the two animals were still alive,” Wilken….

* * *

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