6 thoughts on “Antique?”

  1. I’m guessing the rate for “antique” tags is cheaper? (For years here, everyone who could barely justify it, would register their car as a “commercial vehicle,” because the registration was cheaper). Obviously the owner doesn’t/can’t care for the car the way the people I know who have “antique” vehicles (a WWII Willys jeep, in one case) care for theirs.

    I dunno. In a past life I helped my father out in his side career as an auctioneer who did most estate-sale stuff, and I learned a lot about “antiques.” It bothers me to see something that was made not too long before (or sometimes, these days, even within) my lifetime designated as “antique” because the “old” definition of such was “at least 100 years old.” (I am also uncomfortable with seeing toys I played with as a kid, or albums I remember, being designated “vintage,” even though that’s a murkier term)

  2. I would say “junker” is the proper term.

    Have they ever moved it, or has it been sitting unmoved for that whole period? If the latter, you might be able to get it towed.

  3. Here in NJ the official plate designation is “Historic,” and such plates are normally assigned “QQ” as their first two characters.

    That thing looks like it may well have been owned by one of the original members of Kansas as a teenager.

    Also, nice “hope and change” cover on the passenger seat.

    Finally, is it common for streets there to be paved in brick, rather than concrete, asphalt, or macadam?

  4. I have no idea about the cost of “antique” tags here.

    The vehicle has been immobile for at least six months. It’s down the block a bit from where I live, so I’m letting the residents whose yard it is nearest to worry about getting rid of it.

    Cobblestone streets are common in older parts of Wichita.

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