I may visit Anime Festival Wichita next week, after skipping it for several years. It’s kinda dinky and the halls in the venue are too narrow for all the cosplayers, but it is within bicycle distance. It would be helpful if its website were more informative. The “events” page states that “The full schedule will be available soon.” It has said that for months. Five days away, the schedule is still not online, which makes it difficult to plan my weekend. (Update: it’s now the day after the convention, and the schedule has still not been posted there. I did eventually find it on the official AFW Facebook page. (There’s another page that turns up first in searches, but it’s the wrong one.) I hate Facebook.)


If you have a hankering to attend an anime or anime-related convention next week, you don’t have to come to Wichita. There are at least ten others scheduled for the same weekend, from Illinois and South Carolina to Finland and France. There’s even a “Sailor Moon Celebration” in Toronto.


So, what have I been watching lately? Mostly older stuff. I’ll marathon the rest of Ushio and Tora when I have the time — the word is that it ends well — and I might finish Tanaka-kun someday, but otherwise I lost all interest in the spring season. Nothing this summer looks very promising, but I’ll sample some first episodes when they’re available and see if there are any surprises.

What I have enjoyed re-watching: Redline1, UHF, Humanity Has Declined, The Wrong Box, Duck Soup, Shounen Onmyouji, Mouretsu Pirates2, Keroro Gunsou.


  1. See this in BluRay quality on the largest available screen. The art and animation are spectacular.
  2. No longer available at Crunchroll, grr, but fortunately I have the discs.