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Ruri’s Law: the vast majority of people are idiots

Crunchyroll continues to license interesting older anime. Recent acquisitions include the willfully eccentric Oh! Edo Rocket1 and Tatsuo Sato’s first major series, Martian Successor Nadesico. There’s also the exceedingly odd Cromartie High School. In all three, anything can happen.

The very early days of the internet

I’ve compiled a short wish list of shows that the people at Crunchyroll might consider for future acquisition.

Dennou Coil — It’s available on disc, but I don’t think this classic Miyazaki-does-Ghost-in-the-Shell series has ever been legally streamed in North America.

Shounen Onmyouji — Protagonist Masahiro is the only shounen hero who doesn’t make me mutter “idiot.” The show was one of the last licensed by Geneon USA and was orphaned when the company went out of business. The later discs are virtually unobtainable.

Katanagatari — Also available on disc2, but I don’t think this eccentric and ironic chronicle of extreme swordsmanship ever been legally streamed here.

Crest/Banner of the Stars — Possibly the best thought-out dramatization of war in space.3

Pupipo — Short and funny doesn’t mean trivial.

Let no screencap go to waste: Nadesico

No kidding
The captain — see preceding screencap
Not as nice as Moe Howard
American equivalent: Jim Smith
The right attitude for watching older anime

Oh! Edo Rocket

Mathematicians meet
Apparently, neither did the fourth wall
Regular folk
To the Moon
Grammar checkers are lousy rhetoricians


  1. Oh! Edo Rocket features not just one, but two mathematical physicists.
  2. Was available. It’s hard to find now.
  3. I’ve not seen Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and I’m not eager to spend the 46 hours necessary to watch it. I therefore can’t positively say that the story of Lafiel and Jinto is better, but I can’t think of any occidental shows I’ve seen that rival Crest/Banner.

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