Galactic Corridor West-37

Shingu had the Cat’s Eye Nebula; Mouretsu Pirates has V838 Monocerotis.

Real life keeps getting in the way, but I make time every Saturday to watch Mouretsu Pirates. So what if the premise is unlikely and that there numerous minor details to nitpick? As long as the characters are interesting and the story is good, I don’t care that miniskirts aren’t suited to zero gravity. I think the pacing is fine. Tatsuo Sato knows exactly what he is doing. Constant action is boring. I’d rather get to know the characters and situation before the battles start. I enjoy spending time with Marika, and I look forward to 20 more weekends with her and her crew.

I enjoy the soundtrack, too, and I hope it’s licensed. I apparently am in the minority on this point, but I even like the opening theme, despite the singers. It would be much better with a less cluttered arrangement — ideally, just drums, bass and Marty Friedman — and a singer who can properly belt out the tune. Can Bruce Dickinson sing Japanese?

Sato makes anime that is more complex than it at first seems and which ultimately mostly makes sense, e.g., Shingu. There’s already much speculation on the history of piracy and related matters in Marika’s universe at Steven’s place.

Just wondering: One of the spaceships is called the “Odette II.” Will there be an “Odile”?

Update: Here’s the “sailing” theme.


Update II: Steven calls the tune “Odette II.” You can download a clean version from his site.

4 thoughts on “Galactic Corridor West-37”

  1. I was meaning to ask you about something. In Ep 4, when all the girls are sneaking up to the bridge just before midnight, the music in the background is in two. Is it a jig? Is that what you’d call it, even though it isn’t in three?

  2. I’d notate it in 4/4 or 2/2 and call it a reel. Jigs are typically in 6/8, less often in 9/8 or 12/8, and have a different kind of swing to them.

  3. I’d like the OP song more with different singers and less voice processing; it’s simply incompatible with the vocal talents of third-string idol singers. The ED song is much less challenging for them, so it doesn’t bother me.

    Oh, and I went looking through various sites to see if there was any mention of the other music, and while the official CaptainMarika twitter account has promised a soundtrack CD, there’s no track listing for it yet. Two versions of the OP/ED single, of course, with one including the music video of MomoClo in pirate gear. Also, the first Blu-ray disc is currently ranked #56 in DVDs and #15 in anime Blu-ray sales on Amazon Japan, and it doesn’t come out for another three weeks.


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