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Is there anyone who thinks that daylight “savings” time is a good idea? I’ve never met any such person, yet twice a year every year I have to remember again how to set the time on my wristwatch.

There has been some talk about setting clocks a hour ahead permamently.1 Some people might find that advantageous, but for me it would be a pain. I keep an early schedule, waking up early in the morning and getting sleepy around the middle of the evening, independently of the clock. My mind is clearest when I first wake up, and the period between getting up and preparing to leave for the office is the best time to work on my current projects or do anything that requires care and concentration. DST robs me an hour of this valuable time. Plus, it seems that the more noise a neighbor generates, the more likely he keeps late hours, and DST encourages extending evening activities. While perpetual DST might be preferable to resetting clocks twice a year, standard time is best.


  1. I have vague memories of a couple of years in the distant past in which the clocks were not turned back in the fall. As I recall, I was not enthusiastic about it.

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  1. DST also brings out the idiots with the loud boom cars. Or maybe that’s just warming temperatures. I don’t know, it’s all annoying.

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