To people who run websites:

  • If you have Flash anywhere on your site, please get rid of it. If your online catalog requires Flash, I won’t look at it.
  • If I need to disable my ad blocker to see your site, I won’t bother visiting it.
  • If you’re discussing music, podcasts make sense. Otherwise, I have neither the patience nor the time for them. (No, I don’t “multitask.” If I listen to a podcast while working on something else, I will both miss much of the podcast and do a poorer job on the task at hand.1)
  • Similarly, unless you’re discussing a dramatic presentation, video reviews and the like are also wastes of time.


  1. This also goes for music. Music, particularly good music, is inherently distracting.

One thought on “Memo”

  1. I was looking at the NaNoWriMo website. They ask: what music do you listen to while writing? I was all ‘listen to music while writing? huh? I either write or listen to music, never both at once. I can maybe wash dishes and listen to music…”

    Always been baffled by people who study, write, work, whatever with music blaring.

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