Memo to Pope Frankie …

45th parallel

… and others who think that air conditioning is an irresponsible, decadent luxury:

Above is a map of North America and Europe, with the 45th parallel marked in red. That latitude lies halfway between the north pole and the equator. Regions north of the red line are nearer the arctic; regions south, nearer the tropics. Note that most of Europe is above the parallel and that most of the 48 states are below it. Note further that the plains states are remote from any moderating influence of mountains or ocean. It gets hot and stinking humid here in Kansas during summer. Frown and shake your finger all you want, but my air conditioner stays on.

3 thoughts on “Memo to Pope Frankie …”

  1. Probably apocryphal, but I had heard that part of the reason a bunch of (mostly-Scandinavian) Europeans emigrated to live in Minnesota was that it was advertised as being at the same latitude as places like Paris and Venice.

    At least it felt like home…

  2. 1. I’ve heard the claim (but not seen actual back-up) that in years past, British diplomats laboring in Washington, DC, got a “tropical duty” pay bump.

    2. I’ve actually seen the 45th parallel marker (the one outside Alpena, MI). I got a kick out of it because I’m kind of a map nerd.

    3. I love, love, love air conditioning and am very open in that love. (I have asthma and bad allergies and it makes an enormous difference) I would not be able to live where I currently live (heck, I wouldn’t be able to summer anywhere south of Alpena) without it. I get irritated at people who want to take it away – I would willingly forgo other things to have the money to afford the power to run my A/C. Or the carbon, or whatever you want to measure it in.

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