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It’s time for a fresh poll. Which creature ((Beelzenef, strictly speaking, isn’t a creature but a hand puppet, but it has more presence than Nekozawa does.)) from recent anime would you most like to see as a plushie? Some of the candidates might be unfamiliar to some visitors here. Paya-tan/Dark Paya (two phases of the same character) is the “crazy and cute” mascot from Dai Mahou Touge, an underappreciated series recommended to those who like their humor black. The mojos are Isako’s helpers in Denno Coil.

As far as I know, none in the poll are yet available in soft and fuzzy form, though there is a President Aria “money box.”

Dark Paya




I lost interest in the anime Spice and Wolf, but I do like the neo-Renaissance soundtrack. Here’s “Mada Minu Machi he.”

[mp3] – Mada Minu Machi he.mp3[/mp3]


The most impressive magical gift of the sailor senshi is their ability to sprint while wearing high heels. It turns out that some ordinary humans also run in stiletto heels. Why, I don’t know. See also the Ukrainian army.

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  1. I love the mojos. Like tribbles but cuter and with personality. But I would not turn down the opportunity for a mushi plushie. (This comes from someone who has several plushies here on my computer desk, including one of a Yersinia pestis bacterium.)

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