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Which is the most overrated anime series? The candidates are drawn from the responses I’ve seen to this meme.



Results of the previous poll: Nanoha Takamachi has the best mahou shoujo costume, according to 28% of the visitors here who voted. This is a bit surprising, because hers is the one with the longest skirt. It’s probably because the first season of Lyrical Nanoha was recently released in region one, and Nanoha is currently the most prominent magical girl. ((Unfortunately, I found the show unwatchable. I stuck it out for four episodes and realized that if I saw that transformation one more time, I would throw up.)) The balletic Princesses Tutu and Kraehe followed Nanoha with 17% and 10%. Others who received votes were Jubei-chan, Kaitou Jeanne, Cure Black, Sailor Moon (both classic and eternal), Sailor Star Healer, Cure White, Pixy Misa and Mew Ichigo. Pretty Sammy and Wedding Peach received no votes.

5 thoughts on “New poll”

  1. Nanoha? Really? Nice show, but unremarkable costume at best.

    This new poll is overdone but still intriguing. Depending on who you ask, the results are always greatly telling of the tastes and opinions of a group of people.

  2. Kairu, Don got his nominees from bloggers who followed his suit and posted answers to his question meme. One of the questions in the list was “What is the most overrated series?” and someone answered TTGL, so Don included it in his poll here.

  3. I opened Nanoha the other day and it’s clearly a great design, although I have to wonder if some of the voters actually voted for the transformation sequence instead of the costume.

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