Now you see it, redux

A recent message from the website host:

System Administration is currently migrating or will be migrating your account … to a newer server to better meet your needs. You should have no downtime during this move, and will be notified with your new server information once it completes. Please postpone changes until the move has been completed and DNS propagation completes.

This may be why my recent posts disappear and reappear and disappear again, and why Steven’s recent comment vanished overnight. You might find it annoying. I find it infuriating.

3 thoughts on “Now you see it, redux”

  1. From my little corner of the Internet, you were completely offline for days,with nothing but an unfriendly error page left behind. So much for their “no downtime” plan.


  2. I wasn’t able to access my own site from Saturday morning until just now, and I only had one working email address. I spent 45 minutes on the phone yesterday with the web host’s tech support (considerably longer if you count the time I spent waiting for a human being to pick up the phone) and got absolutely nowhere. I am not very happy with InMotion hosting right now.

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