2 thoughts on “Observation”

  1. I had people suggesting I put some bombastic classical piece (“1812 Overture” was a common suggestion) on “11” early in the morning as payback for the neighbors with loud fireworks, but I responded that (a) my directional hearing failed me and I could not tell WHICH neighbor was the worst offender but more importantly (b) I have no desire to escalate a noise-war with people younger, and apparently less needing of sleep, than I am.

    But yes. I was contemplating if calling in a noise complaint last night if the fireworks persisted past 11 pm would gain me any satisfaction. Fortunately, I did not need to, apparently everyone had used up their stockpile the night before.

  2. A friend, who lives in a neighborhood where the festivities start as soon as fireworks become available for sale, posted this (copied here with permission): “Dear facebook: We now enter the second month of siege. The enemy have upped their attacks recently, with 15 straight hours of heavy shelling today. Venturing outside is nigh impossible, fortunately we are well stocked with supplies. The sleep deprivation and lack of exercise are starting to wear on us, and I fear my troops may begin to turn on each other. The tedious constant drone of mortars drives us to madness. [Roommate] has fled for the safety of his home village. I worry that the crops cannot survive much longer without tending, thankfully we have been blessed with heavy rains. Today, my main communication line with the outside world suffered a fatal blow, I thank the fates that I still have this. The fortress is holding, but I do not know how much longer we inhabitants can endure. Send my love to my friends and family.”

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