Old and fresh

Nothing from the current season at Crunchyroll has held my attention. The newer the series, the more stale it seems. Instead, I’ve been rewatching older shows. Here are screencaps from my recent viewing.


J Greely discovered Cop Craft at Funimation. The first two episodes about the investigations of a world-weary detective and a prickly elf knight weren’t bad, though the show might be too grim and gritty for some tastes. I’ll probably continue watching, despite the numerous lousy commercials.1

Wichita hospitals must have enormous advertising budgets to produce ads of such stunning quality.


Anime-related update: DBreitenbeck writes an appreciation of one of the better recent series, One Punch Man.

The point, the show argues, is not whether you win or lose; it’s not about whether you succeed or fail. It’s about your willingness to show up and give it your all; to “muddle through” as one character puts it. The heroes are heroes, not because they always win, but because they always fight.

Saitama himself sums it up perfectly: “If the heroes run and hide, who will stand and fight?” You see what I’m talking about? The show is basically a parody, but it knows what real heroism is and it succeeds in making it appear truly admirable even amidst all the comedy and absurdity.

It’s odd how, when I think of recent heroic characters, I usually end up with Japanese creations.


Update: The screencaps are from these series:


  1. No, I don’t have a Funimation membership and I’m not interested in one. I most likely will cancel Crunchyroll when it’s renewal time, too.

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  1. I recognize some of those characters, but not enough to remember their series. Any chance of a title list?

    There you go.

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