Cenchrus longinspinus

Cenchrus longispinus, “sandbur,” which is replacing crabgrass in Wichita lawns. Those minutely-barbed spines penetrate skin with alarming ease and resist extraction. They have a particular affinity for socks.


David French:

Whoa to the white liberal … who doesn’t pay homage.

I assume this was a spellchecker accident. If not, then whoa to French and his editor at National Review. (Update: It’s fixed now.)

2 thoughts on “Ouchies”

  1. These things are known as “goatheads” around here. I patrol the lawn every day and pull them out.

  2. I really hate sandburs. I damaged a pair of handknit socks (had to reknit part of them, I wasn’t about to throw out handknit socks) because a bur got lodged in them and apparently tore the yarn.

    They also ruin hose easily.

    I don’t have ’em in my yard (I have a good, healthy, closed turf that outcompetes them) but they’re all over campus.

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