Portrait of the artist as somebody else


Here’s a snapshot of me from about 2,000 years ago. It’s not too bad a likeness, and much more accurate than the ugly thing on my driver’s license. There are additional pictures from different eras below the fold. I found them here, where you obtain similar portraits of your own.

Update: a friend reported that she got a malware warning after visiting the site. There has been no mention of similar problems in the comments at Borepatch or Chant du Départ, where I found it, and there may be nothing wrong with it. I’m leaving the link for now, but it might be prudent to be cautious. It may be relevant that I use the Brave browser with ads blocked.


Hitherto the best picture of me was Hans Memling’s:

It’s not entirely accurate: he left my glasses off, and my hair is straighter and longer, but it’s still more more like me than any image ever taken by a camera.


And now for something completely different: Chesterton and Belloc, as sketched by Max Beerbohm:

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  1. Yes, the Memling is still the best. I still remember how struck I was when I rounded a corner in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and came face-to-face with you. Of the others, I see you most readily in the Prince.

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