Prickly pears and whimpers

In the Wikipedia article on Eliot’s “The Hollow Men,” I came across this note:

References range from film (Apocalypse Now, Southland Tales, Waking Life) to video games (Fable II, the Halo series, and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty)[citation needed], to Japanese literature (the novels of Haruki Murakami) and anime (the last episode of Highschool of the Dead), to American television shows (30 Rock, Frasier, The Big Bang Theory, Northern Exposure, Dexter, Mad Men, The X-Files [“Pusher” episode], and Dollhouse [“The Hollow Men” episode]).

What I’ve read about Highschool of the Dead sounds loathsome and I have no intention of ever watching it. But I am curious: does “The Hollow Men” really turn up there?

3 thoughts on “Prickly pears and whimpers”

  1. The ending theme to episode 11 is titled “Hollow Men”. My copy is on loan at the moment, but ISTR that at least in the English dub, there is actually a reference to the poem in the last episode.

    HSOTD certainly is replete with gratuitously gratuitous gratuitousness. However, beyond the (very) guilty pleasure, I do like the fact that the main characters stare into the pit of nihilism and resolve to refrain from stepping into that hole.

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