4 thoughts on “The greatest mystery in anime”

  1. Probably too expensive.

    There’s a bunch of good titles that were bypassed. Mahoraba is the classic example.

    By the way, remember what happened when Anime Eigo rescued Yawara? I don’t know if they broke even on the release, but they did not print more than a season and a half.

  2. It has had an english language release in Australia, which makes it even harder to understand why it’s not been released anywhere else.

    Australia seems to have got a few things that slipped through the cracks in the rest of the world, makes me tempted to import them despite the high cost!

  3. Siren Visual’s own website calls it the “First release outside of Japan – exclusive to Siren Visual”. Exclusive? Might be some contractural mumbo-jumbo there preventing anyone else from licensing it for some period of time… or might just be using the word since nobody else has licensed it yet.

    Import from AU + region-free method of playing = R1-watchable English version, at least. (I’ll vote with my wallet and re-buy if it is licensed in R1 in the future.)

  4. The mystery was solved on a recent ANN Podcast. http://animenewsnetwork.com/anncast/2012-03-09.

    In short the licensor is primarily a book publisher and they are very very difficult. The Australian release was a two year labor of love that only happened because of passion and he knew someone.

    Since they also have the rights to Legend of the Galactic Heroes you are never going to see that one either.

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