The pirates return


I got impatient and downloaded a raw of Mouretsu Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace. It looks beautiful, and the story moves briskly along. What that story is, though, I only vaguely understand. Will someone please license this for North America, or, failing that, fansub it?

There are a few screencaps below the fold. Steven has a bunch more here, though my favorite image from the movie is here.

Ririka's had a busy day.
Ririka’s had a busy day.

Musical ships?

Someone on the staff is a Beatles fan. He probably also likes Chopin, perhaps Gentle Giant, and maybe a little klezmer. That he knows the Tenchi Muyo canon is a given. That leaves one term unexplained. Perhaps he listens to Boulez, but I’m doubtful.


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