Timely note

This year's calendar

Every January I visit the calendar shop at the regional shopping mall and pick up a few at half-price to provide a variety of art on my walls for the coming year. This year, I struck out. Everything of any interest was gone — no medieval or renaissance art, no pre-Raphaelites, no Edward Gorey, not even Ansel Adams. There were plenty of puppies, of course, but I prefer dogs as friends, not as artistic subjects. Fortunately, I earlier ordered this year’s Girls und Panzer calendar, so I do have a way to keep track of passing time.

January and February

Although there are only six pages (seven if you count the cover), they are poster-sized, 24″ tall (including the binding strip at the top) and 16.5″ wide. (Right-click and open the links in new windows to see the images at high resolution.)


While on the subject of calendars: southeast Kansas is a weird place. Time does strange things there. Here are the April and May pages from the calendar published by the Parsons Sun. What happens between April 30, a Saturday, and May 1, a Friday? There’s a similar gap between the last day of May and the first day of June.

Time and Parsons, Kansas

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  1. Time in Alaska, although strange at times (like the summer), is wonderfully normal in regards to calendars. Are the rest of the months out of wack subsequent to the first day of May not occurring like it should?

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