Tristan and Iseult …

Romeo and Juliet
Porphyro and Madeline
Heathcliff and Catherine
Tracy and Hepburn
Ignatius and Myrna
Zaphod and Zaphod

These are a few of the great romantic couples of Western Culture. Who are their anime counterparts? Some possiblilties: Jinto and Lafiel (Crest/Banner of the Stars), Keiichi and Belldandy (Ah! My Goddess), Giroro and Natsumi (Kerero Gunsou), Kyouichi and Harumi (Shingu), Ayato and Haruka (RahXephon), Shichika and Togame (Katanagatari).

Who else? Please post your nominations in the comments. If there are enough couples, this will be the next sidebar poll.

A couple of arbitrary restrictions:

• No children. Syaoran and Sakura make a cute couple, but they’re way too young.

• Heterosexual couples only. No yaoi/yuri, please, and no harems.

5 thoughts on “Tristan and Iseult …”

  1. Assuming this works like previous polls, and your examples only move on if someone else seconds them… I second Shichika/Togame and Jinto/Lafiel. (I was going to suggest the Katanagatari couple myself before I read your examples.)

    I’ll add:
    Tomoya/Nagisa, Clannad
    Mikiya/Shiki, The Garden of Sinners
    Renton/Eureka, Eureka Seven
    Noboru/Mikako, Voices of a Distant Star (any Shinkai-penned couple could work)
    Lawrence/Holo, Spice & Wolf
    Shuji/Chise, Saikano
    Shinra/Celty, Durarara
    Rosette/Chrono, Chrono Crusade
    Batou/Kusanagi, Ghost in the Shell

    (Looks like I’m leaning heavily on the Romeo/Juliet tragic type. Oh well…)

  2. …also, could someone suggest Syaoran/Sakura in their older Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles incarnations? (I’m not, since I’m not familiar with the story.)

    But I did miss Ryuji/Taiga from Toradora.

  3. If Syaoran and Sakura are indeed older in TRC, then certainly someone can nominate them, as long as he specifies that he means the TRC couple and not the CCS.

    If I consider a particular couple an obvious nomination, I’ll include them in the poll, whether or not anyone else mentions them. There’s no way Jinto and Lafiel would not be candidates, even if you hadn’t mentioned them. It doesn’t hurt to second a nomination, though.

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