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I’ve been saving the picture in the banner each time I visit Steven’s place. Here’s what I’ve collected so far. The music is Raymond Scott’s “Celebration on the Planet Mars,” performed by the Metropole Orchestra with the Beau Hunks.

(This is probably not the final version. The software I intended to use decided that it doesn’t like my machine after all, so I had to struggle with a less-capable application with limited output options. I’m not entirely happy with the results.)

5 thoughts on “292 pictures”

  1. OK, the oversized eyes I expect, but does the preponderance of oversized charlies reflect Steven’s personal taste, or just the nature of anime? (If the latter, chalk up my ignorance to the fact that I watch a very narrow selection of anime.) Some interesting views in there, though, with some possibilities for cosplay for those of us with suitable endowments…

  2. Um, both, really.

    Over the years my top rotation has varied quite a lot, and there was one period when it had a lot of prepubescent girls in it (Card Captor Sakura, Sugar, Petite Princess Yucie) and I found that watching it made me uncomfortable. If you’re not into anime, you may not know the term “lolicon”, but anyway, it seemed to imply that I was a lolicon.

    So the last couple three times I’ve updated the top rotation I’ve tried to stick with frame grabs of characters who were definitely women, not girls.

    But it’s also the case that in general women in anime are built rather better (as it were) than real humans nearly ever are. Especially in the kinds of shows I tend to watch, and thus have available for taking frame grabs in that way.

    Meanwhile, women with “suitable endowments” who do cosplay that takes advantage of it are very highly prized at cons…

  3. New drinking game: The Rushuna Glugfest. Take one drink whenever Rushuna appears in the video. Winner is the first person to make it out of the second minute with a functioning liver.

    Hint: Having several glasses ready to go when the clip starts is not optional.


  4. I count 16 images of Rushuna in there, which would make that pretty hard, I think. What can I say? There were a lot of good images in that show.

    I must say that I like the way you used ChachaZero’s akanbe as the final image. That was good.

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