Odds and ends

While the point of the Hololive phenomenon eludes me, I do like the video of marching VTubers that Pixy found. In particular, I enjoy the tune, “みっちりねこマーチ,” or “MitchiriNeko March,”1 by one Chiemi Takano (Joedown). It reminds me of the Kuricorder Quartet in a playful mood. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a recording of it in the USA. The video is based on an earlier one featuring cartoon cats.


Today’s useful phrase: “platitudinal capacity.”

Though he hailed from the dusty plains of Oklahoma, Kendall himself was certainly no rube. He worked his way onto the faculty of Yale, where he profoundly influenced Bill Buckley among others. But while he had the intellect to work at the highest academic levels, he had neither the temperament nor the platitudinal capacity. Yale eventually paid him to forfeit his tenure.


Years ago, when I finally had a computer at home with Photoshop, I thought that I would at last be able to make color prints of the pictures I take. Ha. Thanks to the machinations of printer manufacturers, the final destination for all my photography is digital files. The article focuses on HP, but I can state that Epson and Canon are no better. I print maybe a dozen pages a year, and those are rarely pictures.

(Via American Digest.)

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Stopping by for a moment

I’m alive again after an unpleasant two weeks. I’ve got a lot of cleaning and catching up to do, so I’ll continue to be scarce here.


A few things that caught my eye or ear recently:

Progress versus progress

I have a little list of words and phrases that tell me everything I need to know about the people who use them. So does J Greely.

Science, Roger Bacon and Robert Grosseteste.

Are the New York Disco Villains the Bonzo Dog Band reborn? (Via the Professor.)

Mozart and Chagall.

The Magic Flute – Chagall Animation from 59 Productions on Vimeo.

Mozart and Tonari no Seki-kun. (Via Wonderduck.)

There’s a live-action version of Tonari no Seki-kun. You don’t need to know Japanese to follow the story.

Bonus link: Vulcanologist Erik Klemetti counts down his list of the ten most dangerous volcanoes. If you’re thinking of investing in European real estate, forget Naples.

Memorial cheesecake

Wonderduck made a suggestion:

Those of us with blogs, we need to post cheesecake in [Steven Den Beste’s] memory. I think he’d like that.

Steven did indeed like pictures of pretty girls. However, I don’t share his taste for cheesecake. Instead, I grabbed several thousand of the pictures from the header at Chizumatic and assembled them into a slide show with music from Girls und Panzer. The pictures flash by at a rate of five per second; epileptics beware.

Not Tweety Pie

There are still a few glitches, but it looks like I finally have my website back after a botched migration. (Thank you so much, InMotion Hosting, for a most memorable weekend.) To celebrate, here’s Sylvain Chomet to show why I am not a twit, featuring a cameo by President Selfie.

Update: It seems InMotion forgot to repoint both nameservers. Within 24 hours — in principle — everything should be working properly. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Update II: See also Terry Teachout.

Rock and reel

When does a fiddle contest require a referee?

(Translation of the text at YouTube via a friend: “Annual competition in Pembroke which has about 25 fiddlers playing reels in turn without stopping and without playing a reel that has been played before. Towards the end, the fiddler must play only the “A” of a reel (which only lasts 10 seconds). This video shows the final minutes of the contest Sep 5, 2010, while there were only three participants. April Verch, Shane Cook and Danny Perreault. The contest lasted about two hours. Judge: René Dacier. Winner 2010: April Verch. In the end, Danny Perreault played one of his compositions (Breakdown at Rosary) and Germain Leduc accompanies on the piano in a funny way …”)

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The Lavender Hill Mob by crazedigitalmovies

I stumbled across a few old favorite movies. Above is The Lavender Hill Mob, an Ealing Studio classic featuring Alec Guinness and his classic smile.

Interstella 5555 by pyke369

Probably the greatest AMV ever made. I’m not particularly fond of either Daft Punk or Leiji Matsumoto, but the combination works very well.

Yellow Submarine (1968) George Dunning with… by myfilm-gr

You have a choice of Yellow Submarines. Above is from a lower-quality source; below looks better, but the aspect ratio is wrong.

Yellow Submarine 1968 full movie by ursula-strauss