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It’s a pity that Death Note is little-known outside of anime circles. The parallels between Light Yagami’s little black notebook and the Lightworker’s “kill list” deserve more attention.

(Via God and the Machine.)


I’ve never read Eric Hobsbawm and I don’t plan to, but I can’t resist posting this picture (from The People’s Cube). Here are a couple of encomiums to the celebrated historian (the latter via Dale Price).


Studying mathematics in Russia in 1984.

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  1. I read about half of a Hobsbawm general history – the Age of Extremes – before I gave it up as a bad job. It was a very puzzling read until I twigged to the fact that the book was written with the (unstated) assumption that the Fall of the Berlin Wall was an unmitigated disaster for civilization.

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