A little something extra

The Phalaenopsis orchids I got back in November have been doing well, so I picked up a few more at an auction yesterday.1 When I took some close-ups of the ones in bloom, I discovered that I had acquired more than just orchids. The plant below is in isolation until the insecticide arrives later this week. (Click to embiggen; right-click and open in a new window to see at maximum size.)

Look very closely

More than I expected

While I had the light tent set up, I also took a picture of the Leuchtenbergia principis seedlings. They’re about two months old. The species is known as the “agave” cactus, but when it’s young it looks as alien as a mesemb. The seedlings are about a quarter-inch from tentacle tip to tentacle tip.

Leuchtenbergia principis

All these are stacked focus. The last one was assembled from 113 separate images.

Update: Now in stereo.

The label on this plant says

Dtps ________
(Blessed ‘Walnut Valley’ HCC 76 pts
x Phal Talsuco Date ‘Max’ HCC 77 pts)
Unflasked 09/29/2012

“Dtps” is the abbreviation for “Doritaenopsis,” i.e., a hybrid between Doritis pulcherrima and a Phalaenopsis. However, the genus Doritis has recently been lumped into Phaleanopsis, so the Dtps label is obsolete, and this plant is entirely a Phalaenopsis.


  1. One was labeled “Doritis,” but that genus has recently been lumped into Phaleanopsis.