A tale of 1970 2070

Aside from GATE, none of the current shows that I’ve sampled thus far are worth mentioning. Fortunately, Crunchyroll this week added one I can unreservedly recommend, Shingu. Tatsuo Sato has directed much noteworthy anime, including Martian Successor Nadesico and Mouretsu Pirates (both recommended), and Shingu is his best. It’s long been one of my favorites, and I’ve probably rewatched it more often than any other show, anime or not. If none of the new series catch your interest, spend a little time with Hajime and his family and friends, human and alien, in quiet town of Tenmo.

Here’s Ubu on what didn’t happen when Shingu was made.

One thought on “A tale of 1970 2070”

  1. Were it not for Shingu, we would not be eating curry about every 10-14 days (and these days made by 15-yr old Daughter #1).

    Fun show. Being almost fifty I have to roll my eyes at the ending a bit, but still a very good show.

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