Misaki Chronicles and Shingu just arrived. Don’t expect much posting here for a few days.

Update: Just finished Misaki Chronicles. A few quick notes:

1. Wow.

2. I want to let the story settle in my mind a day or two before I watch anything else. Shingu will have to wait.

3. Somebody please shoot the character designer and the jiggle choreographer.

4. Misaki and her colleagues are cute — from the neck up, anyway — but Lyar von Ertiana is the one I want to meet.

5. Much of the anime that I find memorable deals with grief and despair. Few series do so as directly as Misaki Chronicles.

6. Wow, again.

6 thoughts on “Advisory”

  1. “3. Somebody please shoot the character designer and the jiggle choreographer.”

    Save a bullet for whoever designed the box. If the series is as good as you say, that box will lose the viewers who would most appreciate it. I know that if I saw that on the shelf, I wouldn’t consider picking it up.

  2. Everyone who watches Divergence Eve and Misaki Chronicles ends up with the same two reactions:

    1. It’s an astoundingly good story.

    2. The fan service is totally gratuitous and seriously harms the storytelling.

  3. isn’t this blue hair girl too similar to Evangelion’s Rei Ayanami??? with a suit riped?

  4. The “Blue Hair Girl” is Kureha Misaki, and as a character Misaki is just about as different from Rei as she can be. In fact, given her figure the only thing the two have in common is that they’re both girls.

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