An egg on Main Street

Like Wichita, my new hometown is infested with public art. Some of it is tolerably silly, such as this relative of Humpty Dumpty.

Other examples are identifiable as art only because there is no other category to put them in.

Lileks hasn’t yet discovered this particular Main Street. When he does, I expect that he’ll spend a few words on this building.

One last stop before we leave Main Street:

Heading west now: not a cemetery, but an open-air headstone showroom.

Near the memorial display models there are books and surplus tomatoes, both free for the taking. I’ll pass on the books.

My new parish church. The interior matches the exterior; I’ll take the camera in there someday.

A couple more curiosities.

A cobblestone sidewalk. It must be fun to shovel after a snow.

I have no idea what this signifies.

As always, right-click and open the pictures in a new window to see full-size and with better color.

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