Anime or not?

There are a couple of problematic nominations for the “anime hero” poll.

Samurai Jack was created in America by the same guy who concocted Dexter’s Laboratory. Does Jack truly count as an anime character?

Robotech was assembled in America from pieces of three separate Japanese series. “Rick Hunter” is the Macek-ization of Macross‘ Hikaru Ichijyo. Should Hunter be included in the poll, or Ichijyo, or neither?

3 thoughts on “Anime or not?”

  1. Well, there’s a reason I asked about Samurai Jack. A lot of people who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s watching westernized anime like Speed Racer, Battle of the Planets, Starblazers, etc. grew up to create their own homages. I don’t think of it as per se “impure” as “next generation.”

    Besides, anime as an art form is already influenced by the West. One example: the huge eyes on the heroes and ingenues traces its lineage back to Disney shorts and an idealized/caricatured representation of the Western face. Nothing grows up in isolation, or stays isolated once it draws enough attention.

    I can see the opposing viewpoint; just not sure I agree. Something like Samurai Jack or Avatar kind of straddles the line for me. I don’t think Genndy Tartakovsky’s previous work should be held against Samurai Jack – it’s clearly such a differnt style than Dexter’s Lab.

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