Calling all classicists

Vicipaedia needs otaku who can write decent Latin. The anime and manga pages are pathetic. (I had several years of Latin, but that was a long time ago in a different century, and it would take more time than I can spare to regain competence.)


Another entry for the “ducks in anime” file:

From Negima Ala Alba OAD #2 (not recommended).


I discovered that the software used to animate Hatsune Miku is freeware, available here. It’s surprisingly capable. Here’s Miku dancing Maurice Bejart’s choreography; compare it to the final minutes of this. ((I recommend skpping the first six minutes unless you are a Bejart fanatic.)) Unfortunately, like Miku herself, it’s not for Macs.


More random nonsense:

An animated stereogram. It works, too. There are more here. (Via Cartoon Brew.)

Not only does it save time, but it’s really stupid, too.” More poem generators here.

Can’t find anything you like on the radio? Set a few parameters and generate your own music.

I did not need to see this:




One thought on “Calling all classicists”

  1. Although I’m in my seventh year of taking Latin I can no longer say anything useful… since all we’ve been doing in preparing for the AP exam is translating -from- Latin, and never into Latin. And my vocabulary is full of words related to war, heroes, weapons, kingdoms, etc. Epic poetry does that to you. XD

    But I wish Vicipedia the best of luck.

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