Episode two

In the pastel future depicted by Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita, a.k.a. Humanity Has Declined, we can expect plucked, headless, scheming chickens

and little Goreyesque tales,

as well as cameras that sound like guns, hair care products with unusual side effects, and fairies with sweet teeth who apparently have high technology, if not outright magic. Nobody will have names, though.

It’s an odd little show. All the bizarre phenomena are presented in a matter-of-fact manner, and any tendency to descend into mere whimsy is undercut by the main character’s sardonic asides. I’ll probably watch the rest of it.

In its way, it’s a rather inspirational series. For example, it inspired me to make a big batch of fried chicken yesterday.

Moyashimon Returns is another odd little show, but even so I was not expecting this jab at biofuels.

The second episode of Dog Days II provided a transformation sequence for Becky. Good grief. It had better not be repeated. As it is, it changes my rating of the show from “recommended with reservations” to “recommended with a great big reservation.”

Aside from the transformation, though, it looks like it will be as enjoyable as the first season. I’m not worried any more that Becky is going to be angsty deadweight.

J. Greely mentions one reason why Dog Days and Mouretsu Pirates have a special appeal for many guys. No, it’s not fanservice.

The second episode of Joshiraku is much like the first. If you’re a student of Japanese, it’s required viewing. If you’re not, some of the humor will survive translation, but much will whiz by you.

I sat through the first episode of Tanken Driland, hoping that it might be suitable for nephews and nieces. A feisty young princess wants to be a Hunter and have adventures, but the mean old regent forbids her to leave the castle. It’s a stereotypical setup, and it doesn’t help that the princess is a bloody idiot. Bleah.

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