Extracurricular reading

I have another new toy, and I’m going to continue to be scarce here for a while longer while I figure it out. While I’m gone, you might want to drop in on Josh, who’s blogging his way through the alphabet. I particularly like his entries for G, J, R and S. There’s also this:

And don’t get me started about clown masses. If you want proof that Satan is real…

Update: Read also Eve Tushnet on Last Call.

You can also watch some fine unlicensed anime on YouTube, such as Kenji Nakamura‘s first and best series, Mononoke

(I wonder if Tushnet has see any anime beyond Tokyo Godfathers. I’d really like to see what she can find in such works as Mononoke and Serial Experiments Lain.)

or Masaaki Yuasa’s Mind Game.

There’s also Cardcaptor Sakura, out of print for several years now.


If you don’t understand Touhou, this won’t help:

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  1. Supposedly Cinedigm is releasing Mononoke this summer in North America. The pricing seems unlikely, but it was confirmed on Fandom Post.

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