Further evidence of the decline of civilization

I rode out to the gigantic shopping mall on the east side of town for the first time in over a year this afternoon. There used to be two bookstores there. Today I found none. There were plenty of shoe stores, though. One of my ideas of Hell is a huge, crowded, noisy mall without a bookstore, and there it is. I doubt that I’ll ever go there again. (There is a Barnes & Noble nearby, but because of road destruction it is inaccessible to bicycles.)

3 thoughts on “Further evidence of the decline of civilization”

  1. A trip to Towne East wasn’t complete without going to the music store and the book store. That is too bad.

    We recently got a Barnes and Noble here (last year I think). I still go to the locally owned one which is pretty well stocked and ordering only takes two or three days.

  2. iTunes and Amazon are killing off a lot of brick and mortar stores. Only clothing stores and shoe stores will remain because clothes and shoes are stuff people want to try on before they buy. Imagine a mall with only clothing outlets, shoe stores, and a food court. That would be hell, but I think malls themselves will be gone soon enough. A plus by any measure. Many malls I see these days in my travels have a lot of empty storefronts.

  3. That sounds like hell indeed. (My affections can’t be bought with a Cinnabon or soft pretzel store. Distracted for a bit, but not bought.)

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