Gensokyo inverted

Minor and major

Touhou melodies generally are in minor modes. However, if you invert them — e.g., where the original goes up a major second, the transformed melody goes down a major second — you frequently get bright, cheerful major key tunes. I combined several inverted themes and made a piano rag out of them. Here is the “Gensokyo Rag.”

Touhou music aficionados might find it interesting to identify the original tunes. The excerpts from “U.N. Owen” should be easy to spot, but the others may be more challenging. Standing on your head might help.

You can download it here.

Update: The sources of the tunes I used are identified below the fold.

The score is up at my MuseScore page.


U.N. Owen Was Her?” pops up several times. The other themes are from “The Fantastic Legend of Tohno,” “Captain Murasa” and “Phantom Ensemble,” plus four bars from “Centennial Festival for Magical Girls.” You can hear the un-inverted melodies here:

(In order: “Tohno,” “U.N. Owen,” “Murasa,” “Centennial” and “Phantom.”)