Hooks, blurs and frogs

Recently I’ve been going through my older pictures, taken back in the age of film, and putting some of the better ones on my Flickr page. Here are a few recent examples. Click to embiggenify.

Mammillaria pennispinosa

Transplanting the seedlings of Mammillaria pennispinosa into individual pots requires an unusual technique. With the hooked spines embedded in your left thumb and index finger, hold the plant in position as you fill the pot with the potting soil with your right hand. Using a pair of embroidery scissors, free the plant from your fingers by snipping off the tips of the spines. Then extract the hooks from your fingers.

"Artistic blur"

Dancers often move very fast. If the light is dramatically dim, a photographer is likely to end up with lots of artistic blurs.

Music by Bizet

Another dance picture. This one was used in flyers by the fine arts department at Friends University in Wichita.

Froggy Mountain

For many years, Froggy Mountain was one of the landmarks in the Walnut Valley Festival campgrounds.

A different kind of cosplay

A picture from half a lifetime ago, back when my hair was very short and I was active in the SCA/Renaissance Faire world.