Is there a musicologist in the house?

Does the background music to this clip from Strike Witches sound familiar? Steven thinks that it’s 19th-century, but I don’t recognize it. My guess is that the tune was composed specifically for the show.


(Yeah, I hadn’t intended to watch any more of Strike Witches, but Steven’s note piqued my curiosity and I had enough left in my BOST account to download one last episode. Unless I hear that there is a quantum leap in quality in the second half of the show, this is as much of Strike Witches as I’m going to waste time on.)

6 thoughts on “Is there a musicologist in the house?”

  1. Probably show-specific. The way it ends is not typical of that era, and the arrangement is thin for a solo piano work.

  2. I have taken multiple courses in music theory and history and can definitely say it was composed within 20 years, more likely 10 years, and 99% certain it was composed for this show, that scene.

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