It’s a trap! Or is it?

Newtype is the largest of the magazines in Richard’s box, both in number of pages and in physical dimensions. The pages are too wide to fit entirely in the scanner, and many of the best pictures are two-page spreads. It may take me a while to figure out the most efficient way to handle them. Until then, here are a handful of 1990 Newtype scans with a couple of puzzles.

RG Veda

RG Veda, again. Guess the sex of Ashura, the youngster in white, without looking it up. This is a CLAMP project, so don’t assume anything.

Who is the grinning man with the bag of cash?

I’ll post the answers tomorrow.

What is the purpose of those shoulder-things?

I did not expect to see a picture of Sean Connery and Harrison Ford in an anime magazine.

I really did not expect to see directions on how to draw Sean Connery and Harrison Ford in an anime magazine.

2 thoughts on “It’s a trap! Or is it?”

  1. I seem to remember that Ashura was technically male, but they’re gods, it’s kind of irrelevant. Same deal with Kohaku from Wish and Kobato – when you’re talking about an angel, gender seems rather… notational.

    The fat grinning guy is the “Laughing Salesman”, he’s the Cryptkeeper equivalent for a Tales from the Crypt-type horror comic, I don’t honestly know if they ever made an anime of it or not.

    And the shoulder pads keeps her cape from dragging in the dirt, obviously. You can tell she’s not a villain because there’s no spikes to keep people from crying on her shoulders.

  2. Dur! Well, obviously they must have made an anime of The Laughing Salesman, the images are in color.

    And cheating to go look it up… damn, it ran over a hundred episodes in the early Nineties. Wonder if it was any good?

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