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I’ve been blogging for nearly nine years — the anniversary of the launch of my first weblog is a week from Saturday — and I long ago realized that I’ll never get a million hits in a year, or ever. I am not interested in blogwhoring, I’m too contemptuous of politicians to care about their blather and posturing, and I dislike making unnecessary enemies.

One thing I can do, though, is post pictures of pretty girls. Conveniently, Richard’s anime magazines are a rich source of such. Here’s another batch of scans. These are from two editions of a “New Video Magazine,” one from 1986 and the other from 1991. Both are similar in format to Vversion, which I looked at previously, so this time I’m focusing mostly on the cheesecake.

'86 cover

Dream Hunter Rem began as tentacle porn. If you’re unlucky, you might stumble on the original version of the first episode; keep some brain bleach on hand just in case. A censored version became popular with a wider audience, and a several more episodes were released, the most recent in 1992. I took a look at the cleaned-up first episode here.

Yet another creation of anime’s weird uncle, Go Nagai.

Twinkle Heart was created by Seiji Okuda, who also was responsible for Dream Hunter Rem. He subsequently was involved in many noteworthy anime, including recently Summer Wars and Arrietty. As far as I can tell, no one has ever bothered translating Twinkle Heart. I suspect we haven’t missed much.

RG Veda was CLAMP’s first published manga, and probably the first made into an anime.

Devil Hunter Yohko, again. The 1991 edition of the magazine was noticeably more risqué than the 1986.

I don’t recognize any of the following.

4 thoughts on “Rule 5”

  1. The 3rd unidentified one is titled “ningyo no mori” (Mermaid Forest), so I’m pretty sure the white-haired woman is Kannagi Towa from that series.

  2. The magazine’s actually Anime-V, it was one of the big glossies of the era, along with NewType and Animage.

    As for the unknown images, some of the first few images scream “I’ve seen that somewhere”, but I can’t place them. Very early-Nineties OAV designs, though.

    Second from the bottom is Kurara Mau, a not-particularly-distinctive curses-and-mikos-in-modern-Japan-plus-politics story. If it ever got licensed, I didn’t notice it.

    The last one is Luna Varga, and dang, that was hard to remember. Oddball fantasy, four-episode OAV series, about a princess who ends up merged with a gozilla-type monster, who usually is just a lizard-tail sticking out of her rump, but when they monster out, she’s embedded in his forehead. It gets occasionally sketchy, so don’t show it to your grandmother, and it’s got a downer ending. Licensed by CPM, I *think* it might have gotten a DVD release, but they’re all out of print at this point. I’ve got it on VHS sitting on a shelf somewhere, but my VCR gave up the ghost a few months back. Hell, who even sells VHS anymore?

  3. Oop, scratch that, Luna Varga was licensed and released by ADV. I shoulda remembered, it really is an old-ADV sort of show.

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