Just wondering

  • Is there any significance to Valentine’s Day being Ash Wednesday this year, or April Fool’s Day Easter?
  • The celebration of “Disney princesses” is a major international industry. Where are the Disney princes?
  • Is it possible to be both a good person and a successful politician?
  • The nearest grocery store recently put its carrots in a bin labeled “organic.” Do there exist inorganic carrots?

One thought on “Just wondering”

  1. 1A. It might serve as a good excuse to cut down on the chocolate consumption.

    1B. I think that’s officially a heresy. “Just kidding, it’s not him!”

    2. They’re all princesses now, too, but their toy lines have been suppressed by haters. Only a few bands of courageous crossplayers have managed to keep the dream alive.

    3. Yes, but only until their peers have them fixed. Like a cat.

    4. They’re typically found between the sedimentary potatoes and the igneous mushrooms.


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