Just wondering

Does this distress you?

From the Daily Mail:

A University has slapped a trigger warning on some of Britain’s greatest Romantic poets because their work contains ‘representations of sexism and misogyny’.

Bath Spa University has told students that poems by William Wordsworth, Percy Bysshe Shelley, John Keats and Alexander Pope have the potential to ‘disturb’ or ‘distress’.

Is there any writer worth reading, anyone at all, who will not “trigger” some ideologue?

(Via Kim Du Toit.)

One thought on “Just wondering”

  1. Almost forty years ago (gulp!) when I was studying Milton, two Earnest Types leapt to their feet in class one day and demanded that we stop reading Paradise Lost because of the way it treats Eve.

    The professor, with infinite tact and diplomatic skill, basically told the pair to sit down, shut it, and grow the hell up.

    Good times.

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