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  1. One of my professors doesn’t have a cell phone. I don’t really want a cell phone, but I carry one anyway for practical reasons (I make the long drive between San Francisco and L.A. by myself a few times a year, and do not want to be unprepared to call for help if my car breaks down).

  2. I do not have a cell phone. It has occasionally been an annoyance (particularly when juggling shifting plans around various family members while on the road). I do borrow other people’s phones when there’s a strong need to reach someone. But I have no desire, still, to get one. When cell phones are as intuitively easy to use as my regular basic desk phone, I’ll consider it. As it stands, I need step-by-step instructions to figure out how to make a call on any phone I borrow.

    Now that cell phones are ubiquitous, I find that pay phones are almost impossible to find outside of, say, train stations and airports. This is not a problem, as when I’m in a store (or gas station or whatever) and need a phone, I just go over to the nearest employee and ask where there’s a phone I might use. Invariably s/he lets me use the store’s desk phone. Apparently it’s so rare that a customer asks to use a phone, they don’t have a policy against it.

  3. Dave and I have no desire to own one. Monday when we were at lunch, to men at a neighboring booth sat there in silence and were playing games or something on their phones. Then they also had to turn on the TV hanging over their table.

    Like Robin, at times it would have been convienent to have one say to let my babysitter know I was on my way, or running late. However I prefer to have a place where I cannot be reached for just a while. As if Alaska is not remote enough…

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