Miscellaneous nonsense

In lieu of a substantive post, here are some random links.

For anyone who has ever operated a sewing machine: famous last words, cosplay edition.

Oh look, a Windows ME install disc!” (Via Eve Tushnet.)

George Lucas is no engineer. (Via First Things.)

Someday I may forgive Dale Price for posting this. (Alarming fact: Before Star Trek, Shatner acted (if that is the word) in the pilot for a teevee show about Alexander the Great, costarring Adam West.)

Does the use of accordions violate the principles of just war?

For what it’s worth (very little), I’m now on Facebook. This was research for work, believe it or not.

4 thoughts on “Miscellaneous nonsense”

  1. Wow — I think the 1978 Shatner is a *hoot.* (And at least he didn’t try to sing.) Who knew he’d end up making his real career out of exactly that kind of mock-serious self-parody?

  2. Man, bagpipes are militant and aggressive in a way that accordions just can’t replicate. Bagpipe playing involves standing in one place & copious spitting. It’s ideal for linear warfare, where you’re encouraging men to stand the line & not move an inch. Accordions, on the other hand, are all motion and wacky wild swinging arms, like a mechanized bearhug in action. It’s demonstrative and friendly in a fundamentally nonthreatening manner.

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