New toy

Geranium "Rozanne"

I recently bought a new little go-everywhere camera, a Nikon S3500. The specifications are a bit silly: how often does anyone need 20 megapixels? I took it to the botanical garden yesterday to give it a workout. The pictures are very good overall but not utterly fantastic. (If you want ultimate image quality, you need a DSLR (or better) with a large sensor. (Or better yet, a view camera.) That requires real money.) The camera doesn’t record purples and violets accurately (a problem with every digital camera I’ve ever used), a nuisance but not a deal-breaker for a cheap camera. The surprise is that the “macro” mode actually is useful. The image above is cropped but is otherwise unaltered, and was taken hand-held. Right-click to see it at full size. The flower is about an inch across.